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Handmade Origami Earrings

The Floral Collection

Each pair of origami earrings is handmade with love by Katie, the creator of Paper Moon Origami Co. Earrings are released in small batches and can be purchased until they are sold out! Each style is named after an influential woman in STEM.

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This project started as an attempt to let the creative energy flow a little bit each day. What started as a side-hustle is now a full-time small business while I study for my engineering licensure exams! My hope is that this passion project adds a little something special to the world, as it does to my life. I hope that you enjoy what I have created. 

-Katie O.

Katie O'Neill is the creator of Paper Moon Origami Co. and also works as a structural engineer in Sarasota, Florida. Katie has worked extensively with paper over the last 10 years, and has found a niche incorporating origami into alternate mediums, such as painting , sculpture, home decor, and jewelry. 


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