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Traditional Origami 

Google search terms: simple origami, dollar bill origami, origami paper airplane,  origami toys


Buying paper: Not widely available in stores, even craft stores as of late. Use normal computer paper in a pinch, or order a wide variety of origami paper packs from Amazon, Etsy, and more.


Tips: the more complex a pattern, the thinner the paper should be for ease of folding! Watch videos of the origami you are trying to fold - sometimes those little pictographs are not good enough! If your paper is too thick for your model, try using a larger sheet of the same paper! 

Modular Origami

Google search terms: modular origami, sonobe unit, sonobe variation, Toshi’s jewel, spiked pentakis dodecahedron


Books: Marvelous Modular Origami by Mukerji

Polyhedron Origami for Beginners by M Kawamura




Tips & Tricks:  Use computers paper for large modular origami, instead of thinner origami paper. Modular origami is held together by friction, and so thicker paper will provide a tighter model that is easier to put (and keep) together!

Origami + Engineering

Google search terms: origami satellite,  origami nanotechnology, DNA origami, origami engineering, math of origami 


Videos: Engineering with Origami by Veritasium (YouTube)

The Math and Magic of Origami by Robert Lang (TED, YouTube)

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