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How many sheets of paper are used?

We use anywhere from a single sheet up to (12) sheets of paper for a single earring!

What size paper do you use?

Earrings represented on the website range from 1"x1" squares all the way up to 3"x3" squares for the largest statement earrings. We've experimented with 3/4" squares of paper for mini stud earrings, but that was definitely the limit!

What kind of paper do you use?

Most of our products are made with Japanese origami paper sourced from Japan, which is slightly thinner than normal computer paper, which makes it easier to fold. However, a few of our offering are made from other paper sources, like sheet music and rice paper, and even upcycled paper, like used books!

How long does it take?

Most of our products take between 30 and 60 active minutes to create, not including dry time. The few outliers are outliers for good reason - the earrings with upwards of 12 sheets of paper per earring and those with upwards of 80 folds can take up to 90 minutes of work end to end.

How long will my origami jewelry last?

As far as we can tell... forever! Each piece of origami paper is carefully coated with a heavy, waterproofing lacquer, which both hardens the paper and makes it water resistant. Our jewelry should easily withstand normal wear, including bumps, hugs, seatbelts, and even the accidental shower! We've even tested our products for full submersion in water - after 5 minutes, the earrings tested exhibited only slight water damage. Though we don't recommend wearing them in the pool, you'll know your earrings are safe from most common instances of water damage.

What material is the metal on my product?

All of our earring findings are nickel free at this time. Most earrings hooks are made from 14k plated gold or stainless steel, but please check the description of each product before purchasing, as some items vary. 

Necklace chains are crafted from 14k Gold Filled Links or solid 925 Sterling Silver.

How did you learn origami?

My mom taught me origami as a child, and I always loved the art of paper folding. As an artistic kid, I moved quickly through each type of art, until I stared combing things in my teenage years. Origami jewelry was the product of one of these successful combinations, and I've loved creating different forms with paper ever since. Now, I spend my time innovating with origami, learning to appreciate the complex mathematics behind the folds, and creating anything I can dream! 

Do your hands get tired?

This is the most common question I get at farmer's markets, and the answer is not yet!

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