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Postcards Inspired By Women in STEM

4”x6” Postcards with Glossy Front and matte writable back. The front of each postcard shows an abstract artistic rendering of an influential women in science throughout history. The back of each postcard contains a short description of the subject woman in STEM and her scientific work.

Each Set contains (6) postcards of the same design (as pictured).

The Multi Pack contains 10 unique postcard designs.

Set of 10:

Ada Lovelace (Computer Programmer)

Rachel Carson (Marine Biologist)

Grace Hopper (Computer Scientist)

Rosalind Franklin (Chemist)

Katherine Johnson (Mathematician)

Caroline Herschel (Astronomer)

Marie Curie (Chemist, Physics)

Hedy Lamarr (Actress, Inventor)

Florence Nightingale (Nurse, Statistician)

Adriana Ocampo (Planetary Geologist)


to read more about each influential woman in STEM, please visit


This postcard project was created by an artist and structural engineer to generate excitement, through art, about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Each postcard design is created through a unique approach that blends artificial intelligence with an engineer’s own artistic design. Katie, the engineer and artist, wrote a prompt about each woman and her scientific achievements and had an artificial intelligence program create a base image for each women in STEM. These base images were then taken by Katie and edited, combined, drawn over, manipulated, and added to in a digital painting software. As a lifelong doodler, much of Katie’s additions can be found in the squiggles that run throughout this postcard set, though she had a hand in everything from figures, hands, faces, and scientific additions (ever try to get a computer to understand the concept of a human cell? It’s all but impossible!). She even placed some of these women’s actual scientific works, notes, and equations into the designs! The result is a unique blend of human and computer artistic design, all intended to honor barrier breaking women in the scientific communities that gave us these groundbreaking tools in the first place!

Postcards Inspired By Women in STEM

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