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Our unique products currently find success in boutiques, book stores,

cafes, restaurants, vending machines, and more!

Direct Wholesale Offerings 

Listed in quantities of 5


Item quantity per case is (5) earrings as shown in the listing.

There is no minimum case quantity for your total order.

You can order a single wholesale listing (5 items) if you prefer.

The multi color option will contain a random assortment of our most popular colors instead of (5) of the same item in the same color. This is the MOST POPULAR choice, and offers your customers the most variety!

Please allow up to 14 days order processing time for larger orders (50+ items). Most orders ship in approximately 7 business days.

For more specific requests, please provide a description in the comments of your order. Specific requests will result in longer processing time and may require a modest upcharge for additional labor.

Find us on for flexible payment options.

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