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Not-Your-Typical Subscription Box!

Choose up to (6) addresses for your earrings to be sent to - a subscription box to share with your friends! Use it to schedule birthday surprises, spread the love across the country, or split it up between your family members - you can allocate these earrings however you please!! And if you are particularly earring obsessed (like me!) you can choose to have all of the boxes sent to yourself! 

(6) Pairs of Origami Earrings

$180 total (shipping included)

Package will ship during the first 10 days of the selected month

Instructions to order:

1. Fill out the form below. If you would like all (6) boxes to be shipped to the same address, please scroll down for a simplified order form.

2. Complete your payment by adding the subscription box to your cart and checking out normally. Please be sure to use the same purchaser name as the form.

Earring Styles & Classification

Don’t forget to complete your purchase!

Don’t forget to complete your purchase!

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