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How to choose the best gift when buying origami jewelry

Origami jewelry makes a fabulous gift for the person who has everything - most people delight in the novelty of the craft, the lightweight nature of the jewelry, its small size, and its dedication to women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). When choosing a gift, consider the following dimensions:

  1. Earring VS Necklace - or Both! The Caroline is our most popular necklace, but our origami earrings are by far the best sellers. What kind of jewelry does this person wear on a day to day basis, or when dressing up? Do they tend to wear coordinating or matching jewelry that they regularly change, or do they stick to their favorites? This will help you narrow down the use case for your gift, and determine which jewelry type is better.

  2. Size considerations - what size jewelry does this person typically wear? Are they an adult, or a child? Do they wear dangle earrings, or typically studs?

  3. Colors - Do you want to give them something versatile, or a piece that screams unique? Colors like black, white, beige, gold, silver, navy, and even turquoise or pink tend to work with many outfits and occasions. Brighter colors and vibrant patterns, as featured in many of our Japanese origami paper patterns, tend to make for a more eye-catching statement pieces that would make for an extra unique gift!

  4. Other Interests - Is this person related to the Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) fields? Perhaps choose a style dedicated to a woman in their field, or one in a field of interest. Or perhaps this person is a music lover, or a bookworm! You'll find The Nora has several interesting paper patterns in this regard.

Ultimately, you know that special person best, so make sure to follow your gut when considering the options mentioned above! If you just KNOW someone will love this piece of jewelry, it's probably the right choice!

Here are some of our general recommendations:

For the basic jewelry person: The Caroline necklace in black and gold

For the large earrings person: The Adriana

For the GLAM person: The Rosalind in black and gold paired with The Julia necklace

For the book or music lover: The Nora, folded from a Beethoven Piano Sonata or piece of literature

For kids or smaller jewelry wearers: The Jocelyn, The Katherine, or The Lise

Happy Shopping!


Katie O.

Creator of Paper Moon Origami Co.

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